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Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM:- Microsoft Dynamics CRM is currently essential for Microsoft Dynamics 365. Microsoft Dynamics 365 online is the up and coming age of astute business applications that empower your association to develop, advance and change. Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications bring together CRM and ERP abilities into reason assembled applications that cooperate consistently. Every application takes care of genuine issues and conveys genuine worth. Be that as it may, consolidate them and you get the force and potential outcomes to change your business.

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  • Jul 27 2021
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    Dana's CRM software has helped hundreds of companies with all types of business and in different industries to multiply their sales and increase their customers' loyalty by using appropriate social processes. We suggest you see our success story.

    Dana's CRM software transforms the way of doing things in your company and improves the speed and agility of your team by automating processes. Modern and attractive design, easy, integration with other systems, powerful dashboard, the ability to create new forms and modules, and most importantly, the established services and support of Dana company is one of the choices that assures you, the CRM software is Dana

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    7 Jun, 2022 05:21am

    CRM Didar was growing and we felt that the number of our dissatisfied customers was increasing. And we did not like this story at all, after inquiring and studying, we knew that our solution is customer relationship management software. So in order to buy a customer relationship management software, we checked most of the available Iranian and foreign software, we did not find what we wanted, foreign software was closer to our needs, but again it was not our desired product, an idea to It occurred to us to produce our own CRM software and if the result of our work solves our problem, we would recommend it to others as well. The story of the meeting in 1990 started and we started using this product in We made our own company, we rebuilt everything that did not meet our needs well, if the output was not good, we rebuilt it and little by little the lovely product we had dreamed of would come out of the water and mud, so we decided to use the experience. Share it with our close friends and see if this software works well for others? After September 1993, we did this and gave the meeting to several dozen companies, most of them agreed with us, the meeting worked well. Today, the meeting is available to all small and medium-sized Iranian companies, you can also take a big step in your business in 5 minutes and get a lovely CRM.