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Start your own crypto exchange like a P2P cryptocurrency exchange script with Zodeak

P2P crypto exchange where the buyer and seller directly trade their cryptocurrency without any central control over their trading.

P2P exchange script is a pre-prepared software application that helps startups and newbies to create a features-rich p2p crypto exchange immediately. As the p2p exchange software application possesses the same functionality and features as p2p exchanges, you might have some confusion about the working mechanism of the p2p exchange software.

Benefits of P2P Cryptocurrency exchange script

  • Cost-effective

  • Targeted Audience

  • No limit for Withdraw/Deposits

  • Data Encryption

  • High-end Security

  • Fiat Currency usage

Features implemented in our escrow-based P2P Crypto Exchange Script

Some trending technical features in the P2P crypto exchange script. They are,

  1. KYC Verification

  2. Two-factor authentication

  3. Escrow Based Crypto Wallet Development services

  4. Crypto Payment Gateway Integration

  5. Multi-Lingual Support

  6. Multi-Layer security

  7. Automatic Swap

  8. Powerful Order Match Engine

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  • Jul 28 2022
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