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Three Effective Lead Nurturing Tools That Are Simple And Inexpensive

79% of all leads never convert to sales, according to MarketingSherpa. That implies two things. First, working with leads more closely will most likely result in more sales. Second, and most significantly, you must have a plan in place for what to do with MCA Call Back Leads who will never buy from you. You still want them to know about your product or service so they may tell others about it. Lead nurturing is the solution to both.

My favourite definition of lead nurturing is "consistently communicating with viable prospects and maintaining meaningful touches with them regardless of their timing to buy." Offering visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your email newsletter is NOT lead nurturing. Here are some tried-and-true lead nurturing strategies.

1. Conferences and webinars

One of the most effective lead nurturing tactics is to invite experts to webinars and live events that you record on a regular basis. If you provide HR software, inviting HR specialists to speak about employee onboarding, motivation, engagement, retention, absence management, and other relevant subjects makes sense. People will not read lengthy emails or blog posts, but they will listen to a 30-minute tape of a webinar or presentation. Best of all, these recordings are two in one: they are not only useful for your current leads, but they can also generate new leads through content marketing.

2. Beta tests, focus groups, and research

Another easy yet successful lead nurturing method is to invite your leads to participate as beta testers, focus groups, or studies. Not only does this allow you to receive valuable feedback and improve your product or service, but it also gives you valid reasons to 'touch' your leads in the future when study results are released, a new product/version is launched, and so on. Original research and industry-specific case studies, once again, can easily be incorporated into your content marketing campaign for new lead generation.

3. Online demonstrations

Content marketers are huge fans of online presentations (PowerPoint, SlideShare, and Prezi are three great options). First, many platforms, including SlideShare, have built-in 'viral' processes - they are designed to be shared. Second, people enjoy looking at them because they are simple to understand, quick to read, and include little 'fluff.' Finally, if you don't have your own, you can use other people's presentations (the best way to do this is to create lists like 'Five essential presentations about viral marketing' or '10 funniest presentations').

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  • Nov 14 2022
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